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Nightfall is an expansion of MineZ and DayZ for Minecraft. In alpha now, it will expand until we take over the universe(with your help of course).

About NightfallEdit

Information that needs to be put in the right place!

Sanity - Gain by killing zombies, lose by killing players -DONE!

May have some effect in the future - peaceful effects like regen/moveSpeed or aggressive ones like attack damage

necessarily going to be in the mod

Foloowing until other mods is form a message from ultimate with integrated notes--nothing is finalized

Clearly labeled xp visibility level - zombies will react to it so if it's high zombies will agro and come for you

Walking generates low agro running higher, jumping high, run-jumping high, sneaking generates none but still will agro if you are close.

EVERY action will eventually change visibility-yes this includes chat messages-so use skype :p

Thirst level - just don't let it get to 0.......

Medical scissors(shears texture) as healing tool, ointment(red dye texture) and antibiotics(lime dye texture)

Milk will cure infection(may change later)

​Potion of potion resistance?

Band-aid(paper texture) just for the copyright infringement!

When a zombies hits you, you have a chance to bleed or get infected. If you fail to drink milk for infection or bandaid yourself when bleeding you will lose health every 30secs till you are on half a heart. Bleeding should also leave behind a blood trail of sorts. Nothing crazy but something another player can see on the ground and follow.

​Redstone for now I guess

​Backpacks! We need to have an extra slot when you open your inventory near the armor that you can equip backpacks! And it should also render on the players back over there chest plate.

Mostly done, Will be able to add slots!

When a player dies they become a zombie, for example like in minez when a player dies regardless of how it happens an entity spawns with the dead players face but with a zombie body and when it's killed it drops all the loot the player had.

Insanely good loot might be kept to raise player retention

Traps for sure but we will discuss this later

Bomb, spring, sticky, potion

Perhaps a faction system but this will have to bed discussed later and friend system too

Perks-see nameplates health/hunger/thirst of friends

If we are adding factions I had an idea to have certain towns be able to be captured like you stand somewhere and a notification comes up and says you captured the town and everyone in the faction gets X item.

[sounds great!]

--Message end--

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